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If you are the one

A major global phenomenon has been the Chinese dating show ‘If you are the one’.  It has been brought to Australia and is one of the most watched shows around the world.  In this show, a male suitor presents himself to 24 ladies, who ‘turn off their light’ as they work out, through more details, if this guy might be the one for them. Real life is not a game …Read More

Self-image : how do you measure up?

Recently, a study was published related to the penis length in 15000 men.  It was felt that providing such information would allow men who suffered severe anxiety about their penis length some ‘reality’ to compare themselves to. It is a shame that this is needed – however, with the abundance of pornographic images, men have an immediate ‘yardstick’ to compare themselves to, even if it is not representative of ‘normal’ …Read More

Is the ‘problem’ in the eye of the beholder?

When studying psychology, they love to ask the question “what is the difference between seeing and perceiving?”  How would you answer that? I once went to Egypt, and one evening the difference between perceiving and seeing was beautifully demonstrated. I was invited to attend the ‘sound and light’ show at the great pyramids.  We were ushered to our seats, the lights are dimmed and the show begins. All of a …Read More

Your choices in weight control

Choices in weight control How, exactly, do people gain control of their weight? People will talk about a fad diet, a structured program or specific regime that has helped them reach the weight that they want… And then they revert to old habits and pile the weight back on again. The truth is that in every moment we have choices.  Which diet we want to follow, what exercise we are …Read More

The schematics of your problem

Sometimes it feels as if our problems are ‘hard-wired’.  They take on definitions and lives of their own, existing within us as ‘entities’ with which we have to battle or live. When we somehow stumble across part of the problem, we activate the whole thing – inviting us to become totally absorbed in its actions and outputs and become enmeshed in our problem.      For example, I might ‘feel’ …Read More

Blurring the lines

How are ‘blurred lines’ impacting your life? Recently I have seen a lot of ‘blurred lines’ that have decreased motivation, interfered with achieving weight loss, stopped great performance and impacted people achieving their goals. What do I mean by ‘blurred lines’? “I had a bad day at work so I need a few glasses of wine”. “My boss was such a tyrant that I will reward myself with ice-cream and …Read More

Hypnotic Empowerment

These days we hear a lot about ‘empowerment’ –but what does it really mean? I offered a workshop last night to a group of women at the local gym.  They are doing a 12-week challenge, and as part of their program, they have guest speakers come in and talk.  I had previously presented to the group on hypnosis and weight loss (really, it was about self-esteem, body image and breaking …Read More