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“Regardless of how long you have struggled, Reflective Resolutions is about fast, sustained change to improve your life.  Ask us about our 30 minute obligation free offer and be certain that you are in safe, qualified and experienced hands.”


Anxiety is one of the most common issues that my clients present with – and one with the potential for real, long term success with treatment. When your anxiety is impacting your life you can be certain that there are ways to move ahead. Maybe it’s time to stop asking ‘what if’, and start asking how we can help you with strategic hypnotherapy now.

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Are you feeling helpless or hopeless about your situation? Even for long-time sufferers of Depression, the Reflective Resolutions treatment approach is scientifically proven and gets real results. Contact us now to find out how we can help you break free and move forward.

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Drinking, drugs, gambling, cigarettes, food… You may have developed an unhealthy connection or addiction that is impacting your life, and of those you love. Often begun as a response to frustrations or your circumstances, you may now find yourself feeling trapped in the habit. Our approach has been successful across all types of addiction. Rapid results to change your life may be one call away. Contact Reflective Resolutions for hypnosis now.

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Getting unstuck – exercise 28

In the book “Unstuck” (www.gettingunstuck.com.au)  there are over 120 exercises to help get you
taking small but powerful actions, and reflecting upon your circumstances in
new and valuable ways.

Unstuck Exercise #28
is the “Do the ‘as if’ experiment”

This is part of the process of understanding the difference
from where you are

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Old friends that are keeping you stuck

Sometimes they feel like your closest friends. They seem
to want to keep you safe, keep you comfortable. But these two ‘false friends’ are
your worst enemies if you want to succeed in business or in life.

These old friends
are fear and habit.

They are insidious. They don’t walk around bold as

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Multitasking and its impact on your anxiety.


Multitasking is a modern myth that has a significant
impact on people going about their daily lives. For people living with anxiety,
multitasking has a considerable negative impact upon their experience, and
learning to manage it can make a huge difference in their lives.

Multitasking seems to be a concept associated with modern

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