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November 2011

Problem Solving

Problem Solving Sometimes you focus in on a problem so hard that any possible solution goes ‘fuzzy’ and out of focus. Today there was something I was ‘chewing’ on – so I went out on my bike for an hour. It’s amazing how your subconscious – processing unresolved and open questions at 30 bits per second – comes up with the most amazing solutions. Always a great lesson to trust …Read More

Small Steps

Small Steps

Small steps are still forward movement.

Even the first tiny step forward is a complete change in location from where you were.

What is the first, smallest step you can take right now to change your perspective?



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Blog post for the team @ MYOB

My first blog post with the MYOB team – let me know what you think!



Prospects often look at new players entering a market and feel uncertain.
Why should they take the risk of trying something new?
Uncertainty drives prospects to ‘follow the herd’ and buy in established firms, making it hard for a new entrant (into the Australian market) to get underway.

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Real Leadership

When we can manage ourselves enough to recognise where others are comfortable in a relationship and help them bring out the best in themselves – that is real leadership. We can lead through relationships to make others better. Reach out and shape someone’s existence, positively, now.