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January 2012


In the novel ‘It’ by Stephen King, there is a monster that lurks just below the surface of the small town of Derry. It lives in the pipes and sewers under the town. It comes out dressed as a clown and attacks vulnerable children. It is only when a group of kids worked up the courage to face the monster and see it in its true form that they were …Read More

Success Stories

What is the difference between success and failure?  In my Melbourne Hypnotherapy clinic, it is really in the mind of the client.   When clients run a ‘black or white’ concept of success, there is no room in their thinking for shades of grey.  They either achieve exactly their desired outcome…or they have failed.  When people run a negative self-belief about their ability to succeed (“I’m not good enough, I’m …Read More

The ‘Bottom Line’

Helping clients in my Melbourne Hypnotherapy clinic, I am often confronted with highly skillful and resourceful people who have created a ‘limiting belief’ that holds them fast in their ‘problem’.  Hypnotherapy is a great way to help them explore these beliefs and to break the problem down.   Very often, the fundamental belief goes something like “Im not good enough”, “Im a fraud”, “I am too (stupid/ugly/fat/old…..)”   This belief, …Read More

– Breaking the siege

Defeating the siege mentality I was Reading over the New Year holiday how the business community are describing a new ‘siege’ mentality in consumers, cowering behind their walls and not engaging, experiencing or spending.  I reflected on how this is playing out in my Melbourne Hypnotherapy practice, and it reminds me when you scare people enough, they learn fear. What do I mean by this?   Considering the stories in …Read More