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January 2013

Achieve your goals: the final two instalments to your success

How are you going with setting and achieving your goals?  As it is now the end of January, it is time to bring this series of videos on goal setting to a conclusion.  This is the ONLY goal setting process I know that sets you up for success by focusing on the right things, in the right ways, to get the results that you seek. So, two videos today.  The …Read More

Achievable goals (part 7) – your resources

Getting to your goal requires the presence- and absence – of specific resources to help you reach your goal.  Watch this week’s instalment to see why this is so important – and how to do it. What resources do you need to support your goal achievement?   Live well,   Phil.

Achievable goals (part 6) – your team

You are not alone – often seeking to reach goals can be lonely.  Get your team – your pit crew, your cheer squad, your supporters – all in place to help you achieve your goals. Check out how in this video: Who is supporting you on your journey? Stay well,   Phil

Achievable goals (part 5) – overcome obstacles

Not every journey is a smooth one.  In fact, it is often how you navigate the bumps on the road that determine if you will reach your goals.  This video discussed how overcoming your obstacles is important in reaching your goals. What are the obstacles in your way?  What will you do to overcome them?

Achievable goals (part 4) – skills and strategies

With clinical or life goals, we often set out to achieve something but will never achieve it – because we havent thought about the skills and strategies we need to get there. This is a must-watch if you want to achieve your goals. Live well Phil

Achievable goals (part 1)

News Years Eve has just been and gone.  How many people do you know that have made ‘New Year’s Resolutions’?  Did you? The likelihood is that MOST people making NY Resolutions will do nothing more than hope and wish – and not actually achieve. In the first part of a video series, check out the critical FIRST step in turning your ‘Resolution’ into an achievable goal.   How do you …Read More