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March 2013

Getting it all wrong and hurting clients

Today, a bit of a rant. I was contacted by someone in a fair bit of distress yesterday.  They were stuck and struggling.  Although I had a full program, I made some time (admin tasks got delayed until evening!) to see them and do some work.  After seeing them, it reminded me about the old adage “first, do no harm!”. This particular client had been going really well.  The brief …Read More

That may be the wrong question!

When we communicate we ask often ask questions. When used properly, questions help increase our understanding and give us greater knowledge of the particular topic.  They help us more precisely define a ‘problem’ and to break it into components that can then be solved. Often, however, we simply ask the ‘wrong’ questions. Sometimes questions are used when people wish to hide commands, judgements or injunctions.  That is, we couch a …Read More