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May 2013

Blurring the lines

How are ‘blurred lines’ impacting your life? Recently I have seen a lot of ‘blurred lines’ that have decreased motivation, interfered with achieving weight loss, stopped great performance and impacted people achieving their goals. What do I mean by ‘blurred lines’? “I had a bad day at work so I need a few glasses of wine”. “My boss was such a tyrant that I will reward myself with ice-cream and …Read More

Is your goal demotivating you?

Working with a group last night, I explored with them some of the interesting aspects of motivation and goal achievement – with some interesting results! How often is it that we set ourselves a goal – like ‘I want to lose 20 kgs’ – and only manage to lose 18?  How do you judge this? One of our participants had this very dilemma.  By being so focussed upon the ‘fixed’ …Read More

Hypnotic Empowerment

These days we hear a lot about ‘empowerment’ –but what does it really mean? I offered a workshop last night to a group of women at the local gym.  They are doing a 12-week challenge, and as part of their program, they have guest speakers come in and talk.  I had previously presented to the group on hypnosis and weight loss (really, it was about self-esteem, body image and breaking …Read More