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July 2013

The contagion of depression

Do you know someone with depression?  The likelihood is that you do – and if you are not one of the many people with depression, then you can be guaranteed that many of the people around you are suffering. If you consider the statistics, one in five people have clinical level depression at some point in their lives.  Looking at it a different way, for every 100 people you know …Read More

The schematics of your problem

Sometimes it feels as if our problems are ‘hard-wired’.  They take on definitions and lives of their own, existing within us as ‘entities’ with which we have to battle or live. When we somehow stumble across part of the problem, we activate the whole thing – inviting us to become totally absorbed in its actions and outputs and become enmeshed in our problem.      For example, I might ‘feel’ …Read More