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October 2013

Learning to blow a new tune…

My 13 year old son wanted to try the saxophone. He has been playing the guitar for a while, and he wanted to ‘branch out’ – I think he reckons it looks and sounds pretty cool. The new saxophone arrived, and playing it involves a whole series of skills he has never even considered before.  One of the biggest ones is how to get a ‘sound’ out of it by …Read More

The science of hypnotic memory review

Often, people see a situation in their past as a ‘root cause’ of the problems they are experiencing today.  In this case, regardless how much work we do on creating new and more valuable patterns of thinking and behaviour, they keep holding on to this one event (or, in many cases, a ‘sense’ of an event without it having any true form) which continues to interfere with their ability to move …Read More

Read the label: it may be the problem

How we describe what troubles us will go a long way to determining how it can be resolved. Each issue has a spectrum of descriptive possibilities – impacting how we and others define and view the problem.       For example, consider Tom*, whose ‘experience’ could be described as: “I feel sad”; or “I am experiencing a state of depression”; or “I have depression”; or “I am a depressive”. …Read More