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December 2013

Beating the Christmas Blues

Christmas seems to be a time when – contrary to all the messages in the media – people feel unhappy, down and blue. We can all remember Christmases from our childhood.  We hear the stories of others.  We watch all of the messages from advertisers and the media.  When we think about ‘our’ Christmas, it often doesn’t measure up. And here is where the problem lies.  The gap between expectation and reality.  If the expectation …Read More

Your choices in weight control

Choices in weight control How, exactly, do people gain control of their weight? People will talk about a fad diet, a structured program or specific regime that has helped them reach the weight that they want… And then they revert to old habits and pile the weight back on again. The truth is that in every moment we have choices.  Which diet we want to follow, what exercise we are …Read More