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May 2015

Trauma and our identity sticky labels

People suffering anxiety and depression often attend clinic with symptoms that can only be described as ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ – or PTSD.  Somewhere in their history, an event, or series of events occurred which have traumatised them.  These events can have lasting impacts on how people see themselves, and the labels that they absorb. Victims of trauma often develop views about themselves in the circumstance, which become rigidly fixed …Read More

Asking for help- anxiety & depression

One thing that I often see in clinic is clients who have wonderful people in their lives, but as they struggle to move beyond their depression and anxiety, they feel completely isolated.  They simply don’t see the caring people and resources around them. Unfortunately, these are natural responses in people suffering anxiety and depression. When someone has depression, they often feel a level of helplessness and hopelessness which makes them …Read More