What is it like to be in hypnosis?

Many clients ask me “What is hypnosis like?”

There are so many myths and misconceptions about what hypnosis and ‘trance’ are, that people sometimes are a little scared of what they will experience.

It is easy to put your mind at ease.  The world experts simply describe hypnosis as a type of ‘relaxed focus’.  That’s it.  It is an all natural approach to tapping into skills and resources, simply by relaxing a little and shifting our focus from our ‘problems’ to something else.

There are other words for this in our culture – ‘mindfulness’, ‘meditation’, and even ‘chilling out’.  How people do any of these things is the same as doing hypnosis – relaxing and focusing on different things, and accessing different experiences or skills.

People are sometimes afraid that they ‘can’t do it’.  This is especially true in clients that have really busy minds, are tense, and overwhelmed.  They often suggest that they haven’t relaxed for so long that they wouldn’t know how.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how ‘deep’ into trance you go (the research shows that depth of trance is not related to the outcome that you can get), or how long it takes you.  Hypnosis is only a space of relaxed focus that amplifies the work that we do together (it has no special ‘magical powers’ of its own!).  Hypnosis or trance by itself is not what makes a difference for clients, but rather what they can do there.

One of the really pleasant surprises that people often experience is the comfort, the relaxation and the peace that they discover whilst working with me.  As they focus in on the stories, the teachings and the messages that make up much of the hypnosis session, they find themselves pleasantly distracted, engaging in the stories and teaching ideas, and letting go of what held them stuck.  Often there is a sense of relief and even release through the process.

Clients often report feeling lighter and more free, and even with a greater sense of clarity after the session.

In the end, however, there is no right or wrong way to do hypnosis.  The only way is your way, how you will surprise yourself as we work together is something that may be very pleasant to discover.