A fisherman’s tale

There was once a fisherman in a small Mexican coastal town.  A simple man, he would live his life by getting up late, going fishing at about 10, selling his small catch in the market.  He would catch up with his mates to play cards in the cantina in the afternoon, go home for dinner then take his wife out dancing.

One day a banker from New York was passing through on his holiday.  He had seen the fisherman live his live for a few days and pulled him aside.

“Listen”, he said, “we can do some amazing things”.

“We can start by getting you out fishing at 5 am, leveraging your assets to get another 6 boats. We could set up a processing plant at the end of town, pack the fish in ice and sell them for a great price in the US!”

The fisherman swirled his tequila glass and thought for a moment.

“Why would I do that?” he asked

“You could be the biggest fisherman in this region!” the banker declared.

The fisherman looked out at the ocean and pondered that for a moment.

“And what would that mean?” he asked

“Well”, said the banker, “You could become rich, and retire early!”

The fisherman studied his weathered hands.

“Then what?”

“You would be able to get up late, go fishing at 10, sell your catch in the market, play cards with your mates in the afternoon and go out dancing with your wife in the evening.”

As Milton Erickson once said – There is much comfort in your life that you have overlooked.

Season’s Greetings.