A matter of focus

A short post today.  Something to really focus on.

Because brain research shows that what we focus on, we amplify.  That is, as we apply greater attention to something, it takes up more of our thinking, processing, memory and experience.

This is wonderful if we are focusing on good things in our lives.

It is not so good if you are focused and absorbed in your problems.

Many of my clients have spent so long intensely focusing upon their problem that it becomes amplified to almost completely fill their experience.  Everything is somehow ‘filtered’ through the problem.

What is true is that if there is problem, there is ‘not-problem’.  Ask yourself these questions whilst thinking about your problem:

  • What is the problem?
  • What is it not?
  • If it wasn’t that, what else could it be?
  • If I never had the problem in the first place, how would I be?
  • When it is gone, what will I do differently?
  • If I stood on the moon and looked down on me from all the way up there, what else would I notice the problem wasn’t?

Because it may be time for you to focus on, and amplify, your many wonderful resources that you have to disregard to have your problem.

In clinic, using strategic therapy and hypnosis, amplifying people’s resources to help find and empower the ‘not-problem’ is such a gentle and generous way to have rapid and lasting effects.

If you want to see how this would work for you, then contact me at www.reflectiveresolutions.com

Live well,