A model life

Another expert arrives on the scene with an answer.  A new idea emerges that suddenly explains the ‘secrets’ of life.

And then, after some time, it is discredited and replaced by other stories, concepts and models.

It seems a never-ending cycle.  

Because life is so complex, we all attempt to simplify the world into understandable processes and models that give us certainty to live our lives.

In dealing with people and the issues that they present in the hypnotherapy clinic, I use 3 really simple models:

1.  The human brain is infinitely complex that we cannot truly know everything about it

2.  Human life is even more complex, filled with relationships, beliefs, associations and ideas.

3.  Every person has their own way of looking at the world, that is neither right or wrong but different to mine.

It is a humbling ‘model’ to adopt.  Whilst ‘evangelists’ are racing around claiming that what they believe in is ‘the way’, the truth is that there are many ways.  And often we simply just ‘don’t know’.

In fact, having the flexibility to not project my ‘models’ of the world and life onto my clients is one of the keys to my success.  If they believe something is true, how can I know better than them?  How could I know if any of my models are more ‘correct’ than theirs?

By working with each client as an individual, accepting and utilising their model of life to help them achieve the outcomes that they want, we are much closer to finding solutions than if I try to rigidly fit them to a model of the world as I see it.

Using strategic approaches in hypnosis (strategic hypnotherapy) is an elegant way to work with the client, in their model of life, to get to the outcome they want. 

What ‘models’ of beliefs, thoughts and life have you adopted?

Which ones serve you, and which ones do not?

If you were to move on from those rigid models to something else, what possibilities exist for you?

Live Well,