A reflection

There are parts of me, and parts of you.

There are parts of us that dominate our experience, and parts that hide way down the back.

There are parts which pop up and parts that draw back.

Too often, we can be driven by the parts that might be scared.

There might be parts that feel weak, small and out of control.

But deep down, there are also other parts of us.

Parts that are strong.  Parts that are capable.

Parts that are full of courage, love and power.


Sometimes we hold these parts back.

They feel powerful, dangerous, too full of risk.

Suppressing these offer an illusion of safety.

It will hide us like a white rabbit in the snow.

What if those parts of you, that maybe have been held back for so long, broke free?

What if these parts took the reins, and you allowed yourself to revel in their strength and power?

What if, rather than shrinking, you found yourself expanding to the fullest, most powerful version of you?

What if those parts shone – and you shone.  And invited others to join you in your light?


What parts have you been holding back?


Maybe it’s time to rediscover them, reimagine them, and reconnect to them.

It may be you are not ready to allow them to fully be in the light just yet.  Perhaps that is just too scary.

Maybe you could simply reconnect to them, relearn them, experiment with them.

What if you simply imagined how things would be if you let them shine?


Perhaps they are just looking for an excuse to help you be something more.