Are you depressed about depression? – Don’t be!

Depression has such a major impact in modern society.

At any one time, 20% of the workforce is suffering from ‘depression’.  They are less productive, absent more often, and are more likely to suffer other conditions at the same time.

It goes beyond the workplace, with everyday people, in every day situations, feeling depressed.  The average age of first episode is dropping rapidly – it wont be long before Depression is a teenage disease.

So what do we know about depression? – in fact, a lot.  There have been over 100,000 clinical studies performed in the field of depression.  We understand a lot about how it starts, how it develops, and what works in its treatment.  The Agency for Health Care and Policy Research (AHCPR) in the US were tasked with defining what works and what doesn’t.  Here is a quick summary:

Antidepressants stabilise but do not cure depression.  Recent studies into placebo effects suggest that depression medication should be used in severe or particular circumstances only.

Psychotherapies are highly effective when they are active, look at solving current problems and work to alleviate particular symptoms.

Brief psychotherapies with hypnosis, utilising cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal frameworks are likely to be particularly effective.

People who suffer from a depression episode are more than their ‘label’ or condition.  In truth, it is very likely not ‘them’, but how they are approaching life and their experiences.

The good news is that depressed people get better, and there are PROVEN methods that can help achieve this.

I find the use of hypnosis particularly powerful in the process because it allows clients to create a strong focus and absorption in actively thinking about their approach, and it allows experiential learning through accessing powerful internal resources, rehearsals and problem solving.  WHen used in conjunction with homework tasks, cognitive coaching and other methods, the possibility for great results are excellent.

Isn’t it nice to know that you don;t have to be depressed about your depression.  You can do something about it.

Have you ever felt depressed?

What worked for you to shift it?

Live well,