Can you spot the difference?

There are differences in many things

Between comfort and discomfort

Between pain and suffering

Between choices and choosing

Between now and then

Differences that draw our attention here or there

Another difference

Focusing on one whilst overlooking the other.

Experiencing both in every moment

But imagining that one does not exist.

What if you could allow yourself to simply recognise

That experiencing both is always happening

What you choose to focus on

Provides the narrative of that experience for you.

What if you were able to remember

The immense amount of comfort, opportunity, choice

That were present but your narrative overlooked?

What if you could identify the difference 

Between pain and suffering, now and then

And accept that what we believed as a single truth

Was simply our narrative?

And if that were true,

Imagine if we changed the narrative.

What would then be your experience?