Experiencing Anxiety

It is natural for those who suffer anxiety to have a different view of it than those who have never suffered from it.

An interesting survey from BeyondBlue, reported in The Age today looked at perceptions to anxiety in the community.  These included:

  • 40% of respondents thought anxiety was just stress
  • 50% thought anxiety was just part of someone’s personality

For people who suffer from anxiety in its many forms, their view can be very different.  Up to 25% of Australians will suffer from anxiety or an anxiety condition, and it not only deeply affects them and their lives, but the loved ones around them.  COnsider the impact that this has on individuals, families, schools and workplaces.

In clinic, I have worked with clients from the age of 7 up to 89 years of age who have anxiety.  This covers both men and women (although, statistically women are more likely to suffer anxiety than men), all nationalities, personality types and situations that you could think of.  There is no special ‘type’ of person who gets anxiety, but rather getting stuck in a particular way of interpreting the world, and in particular what is scary or risky seems to be what creates anxiety in people.

The key message is that if you suffer from anxiety, fear or phobias, you are certainly not alone.  It is not a part of ‘who you are’, but rather is something that can be addressed with appropriate, natural therapy approaches.

Importantly, anxiety, fear and phobias are often rapidly assisted with such natural approaches.  Whilst prescribed medications can help ‘stabilise’ mood and take the edge off some of the anxiety processes, really getting into the thinking processes and dealing with the issues that make the anxiety possible allow clients to move past the anxiety to live happier, healthier lives.  Often, even in one session, significant inroads can be made.

If you would like to find out more about how this could be possible for you (and it is…), then please drop me a line.

Our aim is to get you long term results in the shortest time possible.  Your outcome is not based on a fixed number of sessions – individual results will vary as different people like different levels of support and have different things to learn and process on their journey.  Together we will design a treatment plan that is specific to you.