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Fear of Needles Treatment

Fear of needles can significantly impact your life, now more-so than ever. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Reflective Resolutions with over 10 years of clinical hypnotherapy experience can help you live the life you want.  Using strategic therapy to help you achieve fast, effective and lasting change.

Treating fear of needles with hypnosis.

Needle Phobias – Is this something that you are afraid of?

 One common concern at this time is the fear of needles. This can show up as people not being comfortable with getting a needle, all the way though to full blown phobias. In these times, people with needle phobia that want to get their COVID vaccinations are struggling. At Reflective Resolutions, we successfully help clients overcome their fears and anxiety – and deal with their phobia of needles.

However this fear of needles shows up for you, the use of hypnosis has been shown to offer a fast, effective and powerful way to allow you to move past your phobia.   Clinic sessions can be done via tele-health (online) so you can overcome your fear of needles today regardless of where you are and what travel restrictions are in place!  If you want help moving on from your fears now, or just want to learn more about making a booking, then contact me on the form below, or better still give me a call on 0418 126 652 and get the help you need today!

For more information about how strategic hypnotherapy treatment can help you deal with your fears then explore the site, have a look at what others are saying about Reflective Resolutions or to find out more about our 30 minute obligation free offer at our Melbourne Clinic, get in touch via the contacts page or use the quick inquiry form below now.

If you have any specific questions then don’t forget to have a look at our FAQ page where we provide immediate answers to commonly asked questions about our services.

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The Reflective Resolutions services are offered on site in our rooms in East Doncaster, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, or via tele-health (online ) solutions wherever you are located.  Checkout the ‘How I Work‘ page for all the session information or contact me now with any booking related questions.

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