Getting help at home

Hypnosis via telehealth – is it a thing?

One of the key lessons from the rolling COVID lockdowns for many of my clients was that they can get help in the comfort of their own home. Many were surprised that the use on online technology could work, let alone that they could enjoy hypnosis from their own personal space.

It was no surprise to me – the literature has been clear that the effectiveness of online treatment is the same as in person treatment for many years. It really comes down to the quality of the therapist. I have been working with many international clients (USA, Middle East, UK, Central Europe, Germany and Switzerland to name a few) and people in rural and remote communities over time with great results, so for me it was simply a continuation of what I was already doing for some selected clients.

COVID lockdown forced this to become the only way I could work with all of my clients, and now that COVID has ended, there are a growing number of people that would actually prefer this mode of interaction.

Consider the people who still have anxieties, those with health concerns, or those that have to be home to mange others in their household. They may want help, but can’t get to clinic to get it face to face. If this is you, I would encourage you to reach out and set up the appointment you need from the comfort of your own home.

Whilst many people prefer face to face interactions for their hypnosis and therapy, the option of having remote (internet or telephone) based service is remaining popular. It also lessens travel time which means that people on the other side of the city see it as a valuable option to getting the help they need. Local now can mean your bedroom or living room.

The surprise around the effectiveness of hypnosis over such platforms is often derived from the belief that the therapist is ‘doing’ hypnosis on the client. When you recognise that hypnosis is a self generated state that a clinician invites you into – in your own unique way – then it becomes more obvious that the proximity to the therapist is not as important as being able to hear them clearly, having trust in them and having the desire to generate a change.

The key to increasing the effectiveness of the session is ensuring it is appropriately set up, the client has the time and space to reflect and enjoy hypnosis and the technology is appropriate and functional. During the lockdown these became ‘routine’ so clients can feel assured that the process can work for them.

If you (or someone you know) wants help, but has felt unable to come to therapy, then reach out for a Telehealth session. They work- and bringing you the help you need at home might just set you free.

Contact me to find out more or to set up a first appointment via telehealth.