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Hypnotherapy At Home

Getting Unstuck With Hypnotherapy at home

Creating the time and space to get to clinic or arrange a telehealth session can sometimes be challenging.  Imagine if you can get the benefits of the Reflective Resolutions hypnotic approach in the comfort of your own home, at the time of your choosing? 

Taking elements of what creates successful outcomes for so many clients and distilling them into more generalised recordings, each session is strategically designed to help you get unstuck, feel better and do better in your life.  You can access single sessions that deal with specific concepts, and for some more complex  topics, the material is delivered in courses (of 7 sessions) to take you deeply into the content and give you the time and space to really gain maximum benefit.

These recordings can give you the kick start you need – they can help you move ahead, get unstuck, or simply relax when you need to.  Covering common themes from clinical practice, they are immediately applicable and deliver powerful outcomes.

Of course, following some hypnosis at home sessions, you might like to take the next step and get a fully customised session for you in clinic or via telehealth to really generate the shift in your experience that you can achieve.

Hypnotherapy At Home
Hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment

Breathing To Calmness

Generating a new sense of calmness can occur by simple changes in your breathing.  Learn how to link breathing practice to generating a whole new experience of peace and comfort within you.  This session provides a guided approach to re-discovering the natural connections between focused breathing and the possibilities of peace, calmness and relaxation.

Try this free hypnoptic audio session today.

Social Anxiety

Does the thought of heading back out into society give you feelings of dread and anxiety?

This course involves seven short hypnotic audios where Phil Owens delves into what creates social anxiety, and gently takes you on a journey to create new and more valuable ways of you interacting with others.


Back to School

Are your children worried or struggling to get back to school?

This pack contains a hypnotic audio for kids (ages 7 and up) and an informational audio (non-hypnotic) for parents, to help them better support their kids in getting back to school.


Hypnotherapy At Home Library

Topics include Needle Phobias, Mindset Reset, Self Appreciation, Resilience and more.
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