Hypnotic skills

What are you capable of?

This is a curious question – and an important one in helping clients to get their outcomes with strategic hypnosis.

I was working with a client recently who spontaneously developed a whole body anaesthesia.  How did they know how to do that?  Did they even realise that they could?

What is interesting was that the client had never experienced this before.  They had no idea of their capabilities in this regard.

Each client brings with them their own resources – many which they are aware of and many which they are not.  I can invite a client to elicit and utilise these resources, but I cannot ‘impose’ a requirement for the client to be able to ‘perform’ in any particular way.

This is the true nature of working with a client, rather than ‘on’ them.

Some clients can create dissociations leading to anaesthesia or analgesia.  Others can create catilepsy (rigidity).  Others can demonstrate hallucinations, regressions, or amnesias.

As a strategic therapist using hypnosis, finding out what a client CAN do, and using this in strategic ways to help them get to their goals, is such an empowering way to work.

Many phenomena that we associate with hypnosis we perform without thinking, in normal life.  

You may not know what you are capable of, but you can be sure that regardless of your problem, you have some resources and skills that can help you achieve your goals in ways that you may never have realised.

What skills do you have?

What skill or resource would you ‘surprise’ yourself if you found out that you had?

How could you think of your problem as a place where you could apply some of your skills and resources?

I would love to hear about your experiences (which are skills and resources…)


Live Well,