It is the end

All things come to an end: 
Stories can have happy endings.
Jokes have punch lines
Relationships have conclusions.
Seasons end…and then they transition into something else.

What is true is that as some things are finishing, other things are starting.  Sometimes one leads to another, but often they are merely coincidental.

What if your problem was like a story, and it could have a happy ending?
What if it was like a joke, and you could look back on it and know where the punchline was.
What if you stopped having a relationship with your problem and started having a relationship with your potential and possibilities?
What if the season of your problem was drawing to a close – like a cold winter, and there were the first buds and signs of a spring thaw?

Problems are transitory.  Things are only issues for us because we have not yet learned the skills and strategies to manage them. 

Change out of a problem into new possibility can seem ‘hard’ – but only because it is unfamiliar.
You have overcome many things before.  You have concluded many issues and launched into many new possibilities throughout your life.

Whatever you are struggling with now is finite, and as you find the resources, skills and strategies to bring it to a conclusion you will be ready to move into the next season of your life.

What are you ready to move beyond?

Find out how NLP and advanced hypnotherapy can help you through the transition back to freedom, control and opportunity.

Live Well,