Learning about natural treatment for anxiety and depression

This week, I have had the pleasure of spending four days working with Dr. Michael Yapko, perhaps the world’s top expert in the treatment and anxiety and depression.

Dr Yapko brings the very best in both the science and the artistry in the natural treatment of anxiety and depression.  In fact, Dr Yapko was emphatic that the medical model of depression, in particular, has been overstated, if not disproved.  The level  of prescription of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications is way too high, given the very specific patients that they have been proven to help.

The most impressive news is that cognitive, social and relational aspects are the most common causes of anxiety and depression, and the evidence suggests that strategic approaches, enhanced with hypnosis, are highly effective and rapid in getting lasting results in both conditions.

From a personal perspective, continuing to work with the west helps me bring the very best skills and knowledge to my clients.  We all have the capacity to learn, to refine and to develop new skills.

We can view the issues that trouble clients as opportunities to learn – when clients can do, think or feel differently, how they experience their issues can be changed forever.  Even in the most extreme cases, small changes driven by learning can have massive impacts on how people experience their circumstances.

If you want to discuss how the latest knowledge and worlds best practice of natural treatment for anxiety and depression can benefit you, please drop me a line.