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Getting unstuck – exercise 28

In the book “Unstuck” (www.gettingunstuck.com.au)  there are over 120 exercises to help get you taking small but powerful actions, and reflecting upon your circumstances in new and valuable ways. Unstuck Exercise #28 is the “Do the ‘as if’ experiment” This is part of the process of understanding the difference from where you are now, to where you might be if you achieved what you wanted – perhaps if you got …Read More

Old friends that are keeping you stuck

Sometimes they feel like your closest friends. They seem to want to keep you safe, keep you comfortable. But these two ‘false friends’ are your worst enemies if you want to succeed in business or in life. These old friends are fear and habit. They are insidious. They don’t walk around bold as brass. Most often they hide themselves away and ‘whisper’ into your ear. They sprinkle just enough of …Read More

Multitasking and its impact on your anxiety.

Multitasking is a modern myth that has a significant impact on people going about their daily lives. For people living with anxiety, multitasking has a considerable negative impact upon their experience, and learning to manage it can make a huge difference in their lives. Multitasking seems to be a concept associated with modern times, with everyone under pressure to achieve so much, all at the same time. People are on …Read More

Trigger Warning

Recently in Australia the press, social media and in regular conversation has been focused on the conviction of Cardinal George Pell for sexual abuse of children.  Whilst it is a great thing when someone is brought to justice for such heinous crimes, it provides a difficult time for many people who have either been victims, or are closely related to victims, of such acts in their own lives. They discussions …Read More

What is it like to be in hypnosis?

Many clients ask me “What is hypnosis like?” There are so many myths and misconceptions about what hypnosis and ‘trance’ are, that people sometimes are a little scared of what they will experience. It is easy to put your mind at ease.  The world experts simply describe hypnosis as a type of ‘relaxed focus’.  That’s it.  It is an all natural approach to tapping into skills and resources, simply by …Read More

Dealing with In-law stress

How many times do you hear people getting married being frustrated or upset with their in-laws? On your wedding day, you marry your partner, but get the in-laws for free.  And herein lies the challenge. Whilst you can do all of the due diligence that you like about the person that you want to spend all of your life with, you can often end up getting more than you bargained …Read More

The stress of anxiety

Anxiety places a massive burden on society, in terms of the impact it has on the people suffering it directly, as well as all of the families, friends, workplaces and associated people who all feel the negative impact of anxiety upon them. In many ways, Anxiety can be considered a misuse of our natural stress response. The way that people deal with anxiety matches the experience of people who suffer …Read More

If you are the one

A major global phenomenon has been the Chinese dating show ‘If you are the one’.  It has been brought to Australia and is one of the most watched shows around the world.  In this show, a male suitor presents himself to 24 ladies, who ‘turn off their light’ as they work out, through more details, if this guy might be the one for them. Real life is not a game …Read More

Can you spot the difference?

There are differences in many things Between comfort and discomfort Between pain and suffering Between choices and choosing Between now and then Differences that draw our attention here or there Another difference Focusing on one whilst overlooking the other. Experiencing both in every moment But imagining that one does not exist. What if you could allow yourself to simply recognise That experiencing both is always happening What you choose to …Read More

A fisherman’s tale

There was once a fisherman in a small Mexican coastal town.  A simple man, he would live his life by getting up late, going fishing at about 10, selling his small catch in the market.  He would catch up with his mates to play cards in the cantina in the afternoon, go home for dinner then take his wife out dancing. One day a banker from New York was passing …Read More