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Natural Addiction Treatment

Do you have a habit or an addiction that seems to heard to break?  Are you stuck doing things that you just wish that you could stop?  Are habits and addictions really impacting your life, your relationships and your future?


Habits and addictions:

We all have ingrained patterns of behaviour  that show up as habits– when these become unhelpful or we become reliant upon them, then they can massively affect our lives.

Drugs, cigarettes, food, alcohol, gambling, pornography.  Whatever thing that you just can’t stop and you are addicted to is worth addressing.  Get back in control of your life.  Stop doing what is hurting you, causing you distress and impacting your relationships and experience. Help is here for you now.

Does this sound familiar? Is it time for you to make your phobia a thing of the past?

BUST Your Addictions NOW!

Time for a change

At Reflective Resolutions, we specialise (and get great results) in the treatment of unwanted habits and addictions. By taking the time to understand how you are experiencing your situation, we can work together to make a fast and long-lasting impact on the quality of your life.

Deal with feelings better.  Find more effective ways to act.  Get free of the grip it has on you.  Take back control. All of this is possible for you now.

The Reflective Resolutions approach has proven itself over many years and is based on the world’s best methods and research.  Regardless of how long you have suffered, it can be used to really help you get unstuck and live a better quality life.  Learn how to shift out of your habits and addictions to build an new way of living now.

Natural addiction treatment option:

No drugs. Just the power of natural hypnosis focused on what matters to give you your result.  It is the proven natural treatment option for habits and addictions and the distress that these create.

Regardless of how long you have battled, together we can build a new path to change things for you now.

More Information

Want to learn more before you book? Have a look at what others are saying about Reflective Resolutions or to find out more about our 30 minute obligation free offer at our Melbourne Clinic located in East Doncaster, get in touch via the contacts page or click on the appointments button below.

If you have any specific questions then don’t forget to have a look at our FAQ page where we provide immediate answers to commonly asked questions about our services.

Our aim is to get you long term results in the shortest time possible.  Your outcome is not based on a fixed number of sessions – individual results will vary as different people like different levels of support and have different things to learn and process on their journey.  Together we will design a treatment plan that is specific to you