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Natural Phobia Treatment

Phobias, fears and panic attacks can significantly impact your life. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a safe, natural and proven way to move beyond your fears and phobias, and bring to an end those panic attacks. Stop, breathe, and contact me now to find out how you can get the relief that you seek.

You probable experience your phobia is an intense fear of something that really poses little or no actual danger (when you think about it logically). However, it is not what you know – it is what happens and how you experience it that makes phobias, fears and panic attacks so unpleasant and overwhelming.

We can develop phobias to virtually anything through the process of associative learning. We connect the ‘idea’ with the negative feelings and emotions of fear and panic. This can be from an experience we have – or sometimes just from the idea itself.

If you have a phobia you are probably realise that your fear is unreasonable, however it is not what you know, it is what happens to you in that moment. Even thinking about it can make you anxious, and when you are actually exposed to it, the terror can be automatic and overwhelming.

Fears are normal, and even helpful when real danger exists. It can trigger your fight or flight response and help you escape or deal with the danger. However, when this system is triggered when the fear is non-existent or exaggerated, this adrenaline rush can be highly unpleasant for the person who suffers it.


Does this sound familiar? Is it time for you to make your phobia a thing of the past?

BUST Your Phobia NOW!

There are four main types of phobias:

  • Those relating to objects (including animals, spiders, snakes, elevators, etc)
  • Those relating to natural environment (the dark, heights, storms, water)
  • Those relating to situations (social phobias, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, fear of flying, fear of public speaking)
  • Health and injury phobias (fear of germs, injections, blood, medical procedures)

Social phobias are incredibly common. The fear of being in social situations where you may be out of control, embarrassed or could be judged, leads to feelings of fear, terror and overwhelm. It is a common belief that people are more afraid of public speaking (a specific social phobia) than of dying!

Its time for me to change how I feel in public and around others.  I want to take action now

Panic attacks:

A panic attack is a sudden and severe phobic response. Sometimes you know exactly what triggered it, other times it comes on with no direct cause. Sometimes things build up to the point where the feeling of overwhelm drives the panic attack, whilst for others it just seems to appear out of nowhere.

The great news is that treatment for fears, phobias and panic attacks has an excellent track record.   Not only does it work extremely effectively, but often the results are seen really rapidly. Using strategic therapy and hypnosis, fears, phobias and panic attacks are highly responsive, with clients reporting incredible shifts that literally change their lives.

Is it time for you to get control back of your life?

When should I seek help?

If you have a normal fear, there is no need to get help – a normal fear is a good thing. If you have a phobia to something that you never come into contact with, then perhaps you can live with it. However, if you have a fear of phobia about something which can affect your life now or future, or is something you encounter regularly, then it is probably time to get help. If you suffer anxiety, overwhelm or panic attacks and you don’t know why, then it is also time to do something about it.


In the clinic we regularly help clients naturally overcome fears, phobias and panic attacks. Fast and with long term results.

Perhaps it’s time for you now?


Why Reflective Resolutions?

Phil Owens of Reflective Resolutions is extensively qualified and trained by the world’s best. Working overseas and in Australia, Phil has developed a reputation for the quality of his work . Using evidence-based, scientifically validated methods and enhanced with practical experience and empathy, Phil recognises that every client has their own unique situation and treats you that way. Building on proven, strategic methods – enhanced by natural hypnosis processes – Phil of Reflective Resolutions can offer you a natural phobia treatment option, that is a highly effective method of dealing with your anxiety, fears and phobias.

Contact him now to discuss your situation.