New Year Resolutions

It is a funny time of year, is it not? After the festive season comes the end of year celebrations…and for many some resolutions to kick off the new year.

Many resolutions will get no further than the lips of the person that spoke them. Some make it to late January and fade into the overwhelm of normal life. And occasionally…very occasionally..some make it to reality.

Often these ‘NYE wishes’ have no chance of becoming reality, and people struggle with them and feel even worse for not succeeding. They had all of the motivation, but their dream withered on the vine.

So what makes a ‘resolution’ into a true goal? Below are a few tips that may make the difference:
Set a clear goal that has specific outcomes, timeframes and is realistic.(“I want to lose 10 kgs by the end of April”; not “I want to lose all this weight”)
Make sure it is your goal, and it is congruent with your beliefs and values (don’t do it because other people would think it’s a good goal, it has to be for you, and fit in with how you live your life)
It should be framed positively ( I want to be fit and healthy and smoke free by March!)
It needs to be energized (express it in terms that are emotionally motivating to you-for example “I will look fabulous in that outfit and everyone will comment on how awesome I look after losing my 10 kgs before the School Formal”)
Define what resources, skills and supporters you need, and where you will get them. Who will you be accountable to? Who will be your cheer squad?
Define how you will celebrate. Often this important step is forgotten. Make it congruent with the goal!
What strategy do you need to follow to achieve the goal? What are the small steps that you will take? Clarify the steps.
Define the major obstacles that you will face, and what will you do about them? Planning for the rough patches really helps.

If you apply these principles you have a great chance to make that resolution a reality. Good luck and have a fantastic 2012.

Live well