Overcome exam anxiety

There has been some recent commentary in the newspapers regarding students sitting their VCE exams (end of high school and entry to university exams) needing ‘special consideration’ due to high levels of anxiety.

The issue of anxiety and stress in teens and young people is extremely common, and something I work with regularly in clinic.  For those not wanting to be medicated, but find a long term, natural solution to anxiety, stress and self-management during such times, Strategic Therapy utilising hypnosis continues to prove to be a highly effective treatment approach.

Every teen and young person is unique, and the way they present with stress and anxiety (and, unfortunately, often depression) will be highly individual.  However, some of the key underlying features which are often present include:

  • Perfectionism: The belief that there is a need to be ‘perfect’ and anything else is a failure.
  • Expectation management: What should they expect, what should others expect of them, and how should they manage these things?
  • Study effectiveness and efficiency: How do they find better and more productive ways to study, to do their best?
  • Commitment: Fear of commitment to the process and the process of making key decisions.
  • Fear of the unknown future: Not being able to understand that they create their future, rather than it being something which ‘happens’ to them
  • Control: Helping young people learn what they control and what they cannot.
  • Stress management strategies: How to manage stress, recognise the signs of stress and anxiety, and how to effectively intervene.

For many young people, this time in their life is an opportunity to learn better self-management skills, and develop the capacity to overcome anxieties and stress that we are all potentially subject to throughout our lives. When we can support young people to learn and apply these skills they can:

  • Enahnce their experience in doing their studies.
  • Get better results from their studies
  • Make better decisions and plan better.
  • Interact with others more effectively
  • Set themselves up to be capable of better self-management throughout their lives.

In clinic, I see clients from primary school all the way through to doctoral students.  If you are looking for a natural, effective way to better manage anxiety and stress (and create the opportunity of enhancing your study performance) then please get in touch.