Reality Strategies

Do you believe in Santa? The Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? How about that your ‘problem’ can’t change? Or that the thing you are scared of is so bad?

Often people develop fixed ideas – rigidities in their thinking. They globalize their problem (it is everywhere!) and create, from this, ideas of reality which do not exist. This is one way to entrench a fear or problem.

Kids learn about Santa and the Easter bunny as they grow up they learn a different truth. What they knew was an absolute truth becomes something else. We can unlearn just as we can learn.

Sometimes the way to break down the barriers of a problem, fear or phobia is to test the reality strategies that hold it in place. As each part of the belief is gently tested, the person can begin to unlearn the things that hold the problem in place.

So over the festive season, whilst we wait for something that you may or may not believe in, consider what rigidities and absolute truths hold problems, fears and phobias in place. How would a different ‘reality strategy’ change the way you view the problem?

Seasons greetings, and live well,