WHat I do is create ripples – ripples through people’s lives and relationships.  Although I may treat one person, the ripples from this therapy can travel very far.

For example, when I treat a child with severe anxiety, the child gets released from the burden that they have been carrying.  THe ripples then spread out from there.  The parents are also given freedom from the burden that seeing a child suffer can bring.  Friends are free as a grandparents and other close associates. 

 In fact the ripples fan out to people that encounter the client now and in the future.

How wonderful is that?

I worked with a client recently and she noted after the session how it was going to completely change her relationship with her children and her husband.  Another suggested her changing may have saved her marraige.

So, through hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching, what I do is create ripples in the lives of many people.  I dont know how far they spread, but if each ripple is a positive change, empowering, freeing and uplifting, then they should grow bigger with distance, not smaller.

I invite you to consider the ripples that you make in the world.  Are they all good ones?  Do they add to people’s experience?  Do they persist, and make a difference?

If you would like to make ripples in the lives of those around you, here are four simple tips:

  • Really be present for someone and listen.  Allow them to connect to you.
  • Provide from the best parts of you, and give generously
  • Be aware of your impact on them, and their impact on others
  • Smile. 

 If you find that you struggle to create such positive ripples and would like to find out how to create a better, richer life for you and those around you – then contact me for a clinical or Skype session now. 

Because you never know how far the ripples could go.