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A fisherman’s tale

There was once a fisherman in a small Mexican coastal town.  A simple man, he would live his life by getting up late, going fishing at about 10, selling his small catch in the market.  He would catch up with his mates to play cards in the cantina in the afternoon, go home for dinner then take his wife out dancing. One day a banker from New York was passing …Read More

Learning to blow a new tune…

My 13 year old son wanted to try the saxophone. He has been playing the guitar for a while, and he wanted to ‘branch out’ – I think he reckons it looks and sounds pretty cool. The new saxophone arrived, and playing it involves a whole series of skills he has never even considered before.  One of the biggest ones is how to get a ‘sound’ out of it by …Read More

Blurring the lines

How are ‘blurred lines’ impacting your life? Recently I have seen a lot of ‘blurred lines’ that have decreased motivation, interfered with achieving weight loss, stopped great performance and impacted people achieving their goals. What do I mean by ‘blurred lines’? “I had a bad day at work so I need a few glasses of wine”. “My boss was such a tyrant that I will reward myself with ice-cream and …Read More