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Getting unstuck – exercise 28

In the book “Unstuck” (www.gettingunstuck.com.au)  there are over 120 exercises to help get you taking small but powerful actions, and reflecting upon your circumstances in new and valuable ways. Unstuck Exercise #28 is the “Do the ‘as if’ experiment” This is part of the process of understanding the difference from where you are now, to where you might be if you achieved what you wanted – perhaps if you got …Read More

Old friends that are keeping you stuck

Sometimes they feel like your closest friends. They seem to want to keep you safe, keep you comfortable. But these two ‘false friends’ are your worst enemies if you want to succeed in business or in life. These old friends are fear and habit. They are insidious. They don’t walk around bold as brass. Most often they hide themselves away and ‘whisper’ into your ear. They sprinkle just enough of …Read More