Time orientation

Time orientation.

I was visiting Berlin and working with clients. Berlin is almost my second home, after living there for 6 years. Going back for me is special, and brings up many memories. It reminds me that we can assume interesting orientations to time. What is healthy is to reflect on the past with nostalgia and an understanding of the lessons that it learned. We can look forward with structured optimism and a sense of positive possibility, and we fully experience the present for what it offers.

We can not live in the past or the future.

We can re create the past in our minds, but never go back.

We can not know the future, just plan appropriately for when it arrives.

We can live NOW. We can love NOW. If you don’t live now, when are you living?

One thing I often see in Hypnotherapy clients is a skewed time orientation. Reality checking the power of the past, the fear of the future, and the experience of the present allows them to see this skew and reorient themselves and their thoughts to empower their lives.


Live Well