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The Book

“In life, we all get stuck. It is simply part of life’s journey that we face a challenge that we struggle with. For some people, what keeps them stuck seems small and inconsequential, for others what keeps then stuck is a significant life challenge. Either way, if you are prepared to approach your problem strategically, pragmatically, practically, then there is a way forward for you now.”

UNSTUCK – The Book

In the book, “UNSTUCK: A strategic approach to living the life you want” we take a tour through what gets people stuck, and offer practical and pragmatic ways for you to get UNSTUCK from whatever it is in your life.

Looking at where people get stuck – at the level of goal setting, by the behaviours they choose, or the unconscious ‘conditions’ that determine behaviours, we see the common mistakes that we all make from time to time, and what to do about them.

Packed with over 120 exercises, the book is designed to support action taking. By actively engaging in the exercises as you move through the book, there is a real opportunity for you to learn, experience and shift just a little, and open a new path forward.

Being stuck is a part of life. Being UNSTUCK might just be easier than you thought.

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