What lies beneath

Last week I was not in the clinic, but working as ‘crew’ on the training of 100 people taking their first steps by becoming NLP practitioners.  

Across the seven days, I worked with these individuals who were on a journey to develop new skills – and often got a massive surprise at how much they were able to personally transform.  

For me, the ‘gift’ of being able to serve others from a place of empathy and experience was so valuable – as I gave so many gifts to others.

It is interesting to note how ‘alone’ and ‘different’ many of the people felt.  It was as if they were somehow ‘broken’, or ‘not complete’, or carrying a burden so great that they could never be like anyone else.

However, what is true is that what lies beneath in each of us is essentially the same thing.  We are each whole.  We each have a massive array of skills, experiences and talents.  We have each faced challenges and developed ways of responding.  We all have emotions like anger, fear and sadness.

Allowing ourselves to see that we are whole and that we have so many resources within us allows us to create paths from our problems to our solutions.  

We have problems often because we have disconnected ourselves from the wonderful resources we have within us which could help us resolve that problem.  We may even just be uncertain of how to move forward, or uncertain whether we even can.

Using a number of different and powerful techniques, I was able to assist people in a matter of minutes to completely transform from ‘problem’ state to solution state.  And the truth is that they had all of the resources within them, I offered some skills and strategies on how they could access them and bring them to bear on their uncertainty and their problem.

As you think now about something which is an issue for you, perhaps you could consider:

  • What if you had already solved the problem?  What would you be doing differently?
  • What would someone who didn’t have that problem do?
  • If there was a time when you didn’t have the problem, what did you do differently then?
  • How would you coach someone else to move beyond the problem?

As you ask yourself these questions, what do you notice?  

I hope that what you notice is a sense of possibility and resource.  I have a strong belief that what lies beneath all of us is whole, complete and wonderful.  I know that it is often ‘how’ we do something which creates the boundaries of our problem – we get stuck, we may not have developed the skills and strategies yet.  

What lies beneath every problem is the solution.  If you are struggling to unlock your resources and find the solution, then perhaps working with someone like me can help you get the result that you are looking for – because it is already with you now.