Who is responsible for this??

As an individual, you are only responsible for three things:

  • What you feel.
  • What choices you make.
  • How you respond.

The truth is that you cannot be held responsible for what happens around you, or even ‘to’ you.  From any event, you have a number of responsibilities: How you feel about the event, what choices this leads to and how you will act or respond.

In my Melbourne Hypnotherapy clinic in Balwyn,  responsibility issues are often present in a number of presnetations, including weight loss, anxiety, depression, stress, fears, and many more.

Clients often want to take over-responsibility for the world around them (they try and manage how other people feel, choose or act, for example, which is down-right impossible!) or they want to take under-responsibility and want to allocate fault, blame and cause to external things.

Both can lead to problems in how we process the world.  If I take responsibility for how others feel (an impossible task) I could easily get anxious abouteverything I do.  If I take under-responsibility for my choices in eating and exercise (it is my genes, I cant lose weight, etc etc) then I can have weight issues.

Understanding and simplifying what it is that you are REALLY responsible for in any moment has the power to change your life.  Just ask yourself:

  • What am I really responsible for right now (feelings, choices, actions)? 
  • What other feelings, choices or actions are available to me now?
  • What am I not responsible for?  What is actually impossible for me to control?
  • Try this as an exercise and see what happens.  This may be the most important exercise you ever do.
    Let me know what happens!  I would love your feedback and comments.
    Live well,