Why Hypnosis?

Have you ever considered doing therapy that uses hypnosis?

What has stopped you or encouraged you?

There has been such bad press about hypnosis (mind control, trickery, stage shows, movie and TV representations) that it is little wonder many people are scared – or even just a little uncertain – about the use of hypnosis in their personal change journey.

This bad ‘press’ about hypnosis and hypnotherapy works to increase the uncertainty in people who are already uncertain about the work that they are embarking on. They have come for assistance because they are stuck, and this means the process is already loaded with uncertainty. If they have the wrong idea about hypnosis, it only adds to their uncertainty.

Most of the ‘populist’ representations do hypnosis a disservice – because it is actually a proven method for assisting therapeutic outcomes, with over 1000 clinical papers on its use and effectiveness published in the most credible scientific journals.

What actually is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a state of increased absorption that a client is invited into.

What this implies is critical to understanding what hypnosis is actually all about.

  • It is a state developed by the client – they remain 100% in control. No one cans force you to go into some hypnotic state – or keep you there. You always have control over how you respond.
  • It involves increased absorption – there is a focus on some things and a de focusing on others. This is an absolutely normal process (like when you are reading this and not paying attention to the feeling of the air passing into your nose as you breathe). (What do you notice now?)

Why use hypnosis?

I love to empower therapeutic work with hypnosis because:

  • It allows people to access strengths and resources that they may not be aware might be helpful to them getting unstuck.
  • It provides a safe, gentle and supportive environment for communication.
  • It allows people to distance themselves from the distress of what troubles them.
  • It allows people to see their concerns through different perspectives
  • It allows people a chance to learn, and to rehearse new responses in the safety of the clinic.
  • Most people find it relaxing and enjoyable, like a meditation session or guided imagery.

Hypnosis, as a change in state, offers very little therapeutically by itself. It is the strategic work that we do in hypnosis that allows massive and rapid shifts to occur. By using hypnosis with proven therapeutic modalities (such as CBT, EFT, ACT, etc) then we empower the person to gain a reflective resolution – they are invited to consider how to get unstuck in a generous, relaxed and absorbed way.

If this is what hypnosis offers, why would I not want my clients to benefit from its ability to help them get unstuck?

If you are not sure it will work for you, or uncertain of its value, perhaps try a session from my ‘hypnosis at home’ series.

You can also contact me for a confidential conversation to see how my approaches using hypnosis could work for you.