Win the weight loss battle

Staying mentally strong to win the weight loss ‘battle’ can sometimes seem hard to do.  People can struggle for years, and feel that it is a battle they can never really win.  In fact, it doesnt matter how long you have struggled, I have found that every client has the resources to win the battle with the right help – here is how.

Based upon the work I do to help individuals in my hypnotherapy clinic to successfully lose weight, here are a seven simple tips and tricks that can give you the ‘strength’ to win your battle.

Set a positive goal:  Too often people want to ‘lose weight’, ‘stop being fat’, or ‘feel better about myself’.  The first step in winning the mental battle is to have a positively framed goal like “I want to be fit and healthy”, “ I want to look great in my size 12 jeans” or “I want to be a great role model for the kids”.  This gives you something to strive towards, rather than to try and escape.  What you lose – you can find again.

Understand your motivation:  Why is winning the battle important to you?  If you are doing it for somebody else, then expect to fail when the going gets tough.  When the goal is for you and the reason is compelling, then you will have the strength to win the battle.

Have clear skills and strategies:  Having a clear ‘plan’ of how you will win the battle will help you stay on course.  Vague ideas like “I will eat better” are less helpful than a meal and exercise plan that is specific.  The mosre specific you can be, the more it takes out the ambiguity and the ability to ‘negotiate out’ of your plan.

Understand the obstacles:  Life always throws up challenges.  If you want to win the battle, think about what obstacles might occur, and what you would do to overcome them.  Such things as cakes at the office, being invited out to dinner, getting take away with the family or even exercising when its raining are all things that can get in the way of your goal.  Work out what your personal ‘obstacles’ could be and work out what you will do – and you will sail right past them!

Line up your supporters:  Who will be your cheer squad?  Who will you be accountable to?  Often you can feel so alone, and yet knowing your cheer squad and who you have to report to can help keep you mentally strong.

Understand that success is a journey:  If you know that success comes from a journey and not from perfection, then you can be mentally strong to ‘pick up’ from any little slips and get right back on track.

Celebrate!  Set a timeframe when you will celebrate.  Mark the calendar and reward your effort with something that gives you pleasure – and doesn’t work against your goal.  Having mini-milestone celebrations (like a nice massage, for example) can help you stay strong on the path to your goal.

Many clients I see in my Balwyn practice or over Skype have the desire to lose weight.  They even know what to do.  Often it is small changes in the way they think, the way they prioritise, what they value and what they understand that releases them to be successful at becoming the newer, better version of themselves. 

I would use these ‘tips’ in and out of hypnosis for maximal benefit – and the results that are being achieved are proof enough of their power.