Your choices in weight control

Choices in weight control

How, exactly, do people gain control of their weight?

People will talk about a fad diet, a structured program or specific regime that has helped them reach the weight that they want…

And then they revert to old habits and pile the weight back on again.

The truth is that in every moment we have choices.  Which diet we want to follow, what exercise we are going to do, which program we are going to follow.

The biggest choice that we need to make to control our weight for good is to take control of our choices.

It is not the ‘diet’ or the ‘program’ that loses the weight, it is the ability to decide what to eat, when, and the exercise you choose to undertake.

When we delegate responsibility for the choices to external sources, even to diets or ‘programs’, we stop making these choices for ourselves.  If we haven’t learned how to make the decisions on our own, when the diet or program ends, we are back to where we started.

It is the quality of choices that we make about food and exercise that will determine the long term success of our weight control efforts.  In any situation, if we have learned what we SHOULD choose and what we shouldn’t, then we can take internal responsibility for ALWAYS making the right choices – and this is the path to weight control success.

Being responsible for your choices means learning and understanding how to make these choices.  Learning how to maintain these choices and understand the real value and meaning of food.

For example:

  • Learning that food is not a ‘treat’, a ‘comfort’ or a ‘release’.
  • Learning that your emotions do not change because of food that you eat.
  • Learning that no one else is responsible for your current weight and previous weight loss attempts but you.
  • Learning the skills of discipline and commitment.
  • Learning that saying ‘no’ to some things and ‘yes’ to others can be applied to food and exercise.
  • Learning the value of different foods, the value of taste.
  • Learning to listen to your body and pay attention to its signals






Controlling your weight is no different to maintaining a house, a set of books or running a business – each requires knowledge, skills and application.


So how are you going to approach weight loss?  Are you going to hand over the control of your choices to an external source such as a diet or a program, or are you going to learn the skills and knowledge that means YOU are in control of your situation, and can make the right choices regardless of the circumstances?


Hypnosis is a great place to explore your choices and to learn how to apply what you know.  It might surprise you how rapidly you can learn to take control of your choices and get exactly the outcome that you want.